IEICE Electronics Express, June 25 issue

IEICE Electronics Express, June 25 issue, has been published. The articles are available from the following:

IEICE Electronics Express Vol. 19 No. 12 (2022)

[Integrated circuits] A fully integrated GaAs HBT power amplifier with enhanced efficiency for 5-GHz WLAN applications

Haohan Yang, Heng You, Shushan Qiao

[Power devices and circuits] Research on MPPT of photovoltaic system based on PSO with time-varying compression factor

Jianhua Deng, Yanping Wang

[Electron devices, circuits and modules] TSV-based SIW bandpass filter for W-band mobile communication applications

Fengjuan Wang, Quan Peng, Ningmei Yu, Yuan Yang

[Superconducting electronics] 100GHz operation of a 4-bit single-flux-quantum pulse-frequency modulator designed for bipolar D/A conversion

Yoshinao Mizugaki, Naonori Sega, Hiroshi Shimada

[Integrated circuits] A low-power digital baseband circuit for GMSK demodulation in sub-GHz application

Junjun Qiu, Bangan Liu, Yuncheng Zhang, Atsushi Shirane, Kenichi Okada

[Integrated circuits] A side-channel-attack countermeasure for elliptic curve point multiplication based on dynamic power compensation

Wei Li, Han Zeng, Tao Chen, Longmei Nan, Chenguang Yang


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