IEICE Transactions on Electronics May 2022 Issue

IEICE Transactions on Electronics, May issue, has been published. The articles are available from the following:

A Discussion on Physical Optics Approximation for Edge Diffraction by A Conducting Wedge

Duc Minh NGUYEN, Hiroshi SHIRAI
Research field: Electromagnetic Theory
Key words:physical optics, PO, edge diffraction, conducting wedge, uniform asymptotic solution

Analysis and Design of a Linear Ka-Band Power Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS for 5G Applications

Chongyu YU, Jun FENG
Research field:Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Key words:CMOS, Ka-band, linearity, power amplifier, transformer

X-Band GaN Chipsets for Cost-Effective 20W T/R Modules

Jun KAMIOKA, Yoshifumi KAWAMURA, Ryota KOMARU, Masatake HANGAI, Yoshitaka KAMO, Tetsuo KODERA, Shintaro SHINJO
Research field:Electronic Circuits
Key words: gallium nitride, high power amplifiers, switches, MMICs

Bit-Parallel Systolic Architecture for AB and AB2 Multiplications over GF(2m)

Kee-Won KIM
Research field: Electronic Circuits
Key words: finite fields, modular multiplication, power-sum, systolic array, cryptography